Purchasing Purchasing

The University is a large community with a wide set of IT requirements. University purchasing agreements are in place to help meet these. These agreements allow you to buy different devices whilst helping to reduce purchase and support costs and protect University data. To help you select the correct device, and explore what services will be available on these devices, we have created a grid to show what support is offered depending on device type.


Windows Desktop & Laptop Computers

Apple Equipment & Services

Linux Desktop & Laptop Computers

Minimum Hardware Specification


Windows Desktop & Laptop Computers

The University has a managed service contract with DTP Group to supply and install Hewlett Packard (HP) desktop and laptop PCs until 2018.

Key service features include:

  • A 5 day a week installation service with a DTP engineer onsite full-time.
  • 2 hour windows for installations
  • Same day response to warranty calls raised before 14:00
  • Buffer stock held onsite and offsite to shorten lead times
  • Extended warranty agreements compared to consumer products


Choosing a device

The University has tested and approved a set of desktop and laptop devices that can be purchased. A buyer's guide provides details of the desktop and laptops available and their costs:

Desktop or laptop models not in the Buyer’s Guide have not been tested by UEA and may not be compatible with UEA systems. DTP have been instructed not to process orders for devices that are not in the Buyer’s Guide.UEA and may not be compatible with UEA systems. DTP have been instructed not to process orders for devices that are not in the Buyer’s Guide.

If you require a desktop or laptop not within the Buyer’s Guide you can contact the IT Support Mangers, Malcolm Rae and Keith Porter. Exceptions can be granted if you have an occupational health statement that supports the purchase of a different model. 

‘Fast Track’ - delivery and installation within 5 days available

Desktops and laptops are available for delivery and installation within 5 working days if you select the base configuration. These devices are held in buffer stock.

‘Configured to order’ - delivery and installation timescales

If you upgrade a component the device DTP Group order the device from HP. The lead time from HP to DTP Group is 14 working days for desktops and 20 working days for laptops. The devices are then built with UEA software and DTP are ready to book an installation slot with you. Choose a Fast Track device if you need it quickly.


Installation and support

Installations are carried out by a DTP Group engineer working to an agreed university process. Your new computer will be connected to the UEA wired network and you will be able to print to network printers. You will be shown how to access the UEA Application Catalogue so that you can download software that you need and will be able to access all files that have been stored on network shares.


Ordering Process

  • You can obtain a quote from projectuea@dtpgroup.co.uk
  • Complete an ‘Installation information’ spreadsheet and attach this to orders raised through ABW. This information is needed for installation and invoicing. If you are purchasing a computer for a new member of staff please complete the Installation Information spreadsheet and provide the details of a member of staff who will co-ordinate the installation process.
  • If you require the ‘Off-campus’ build please state this on the purchase order and state ‘Service Bundle 8’.



Apple Equipment & Services

On the 1st April 2016 the Higher Education Purchasing Consortium awarded a three-year agreement covering the supply and support of devices running the MacOS and iOS operating systems and related peripherals, software and the provision of value added services. Academia has been selected as the University’s preferred Apple Supplier

The supplier’s dedicated portal can be found at www.applehe.store.academia.co.uk. Pricing, quotations, order tracking, warranty issues and support can be obtained through Academia’s portal by registering with your UEA email.

All systems are supplied with a 3-year warranty as standard and Academia undertake additional services for the University prior to your Apple device being delivered.

All Apple desktop, laptop or iPad purchased by the University will be automatically registered within Capser, the University’s device management system. This allows the University to keep an inventory of its assets and is required for auditing purposes. Operating system updates and patches for desktops and laptops are also managed through Casper. All devices are also registered into the Apple Device Enrolment program.

If you require the ‘Off-campus’ build please state this on the purchase order.

If you need to speak with anyone please contact Academia’s Account Manager, Lauren Larter 01992 662 847, lauren.larter@academia.co.uk



Linux Desktop & Laptop Computers

Choosing a device

The University has tested and approved a set of desktop and laptop devices that can be purchased to run Linux Ubuntu here at UEA.

By selecting a limited set of desktop and laptop models the University benefits from lower prices, a common set of features that can be more easily supported, and a more comprehensive warranty process.

All systems which are intended to run Linux, must be purchased through the IT Linux team here at UEA.

The following Buyer’s guide details all of the currently approved systems, which the IT Linux team have tested.

Should you wish to purchase a Linux device please email it.linux@uea.ac.uk giving full details of your requirements i.e. I would like to purchase system X from the Buyer’s guide or I would like to purchase system X from the Buyer’s guide, but add more memory.

DTP have been instructed not to process orders for Linux devices, which have not been ordered through the IT Linux team.



Standard specification desktops & laptops, available in the buyers guide, will be delivered within 14 & 20 working days respectively. The IT Linux team will then liaise with you with regard to installation.


Installation and support

Installations are carried out by the UEA IT Linux team. Your new computer will be connected to the UEA wired network and you will be given a basic overview and introduction to using the UEALinux desktop if required.


Ordering Process

  • Email IT Linux with your requirements
  • IT Linux will obtain a quotation for you
  • IT Linux will discuss and verify that you are happy with the quotation
  • IT Linux will ask you to complete the installation information spreadsheet so that you can attach this to the order when raised through ABW.



Minimum Hardware Specification

Regulations for IT purchasing

The University selects suppliers through competitive tenders. All IT purchasing made by the University must go through approved suppliers or the University risks exposure to legal challenge.

The University has a responsibility to ensure all computers owned by the University are secure. If these obligations are not met the University risks the following;

Data loss can result in fines of up to £500,000 issued under the Data Protection Act. 
Access to the Janet network can be removed resulting in the loss of all IT Services.
IT security breached can result in financial and/or reputational damage.

All desktop and laptop devices purchased by the University must be regularly patched and have anti-virus software installed. The University uses device management tools on all devices to help us meet these obligations.

The table below gives guidance on what support is offered by IT Services by device type and whether or not the support is required on or off campus.


Minimum hardware standard for new purchases

The current minimum specification for new devices is:

  • Hard-disk size: 256GB
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Processor: i5


Minimum supported hardware standard for all desktops and laptops

To ensure devices are able to run current operating systems and applications all desktops and laptops on the UEA wired network must meet these absolute minimum specifications:

  • Hard-disk size: 120GB
  • RAM: 4GB

IT Services will not provide support for any device that falls below any of these minimum specifications.