All UEA Staff and Students can save their files and documents to their central filestore from any UEA networked PC. Saved work can then be accessed from any other UEA networked computer.


Your central filestore is accessible from any UEA computer, specifically from the My Documents folder. It can also be accessed when off campus by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Your role at UEA determines how much personal filestore you are allocated:

Staff 10GB
Postgraduate 10GB
Researchers 50GB
Undergraduate 5GB              


Don't forget, everyone at the UEA has 1TB of cloud storage accessible from anywhere via OneDrive on Office 365.



Snapshots are taken regularly throughout the day. This allows users to restore their own files by right clicking on the folder from which the restore is required, and selecting properties and then the previous versions tab.

We offer a guide on how to do this on your PC.

Tape backups consist of nightly differentials and weekend full's which are retained for 28 days.

Restores can be requested via the IT Service Desk.


Personal Filestore FAQs


How much personal filestore do I get?

By default, Undergraduates, Taught Postgraduates and INTO Norwich students receive 5GB. Staff get 10GB and Research Postgraduates get 50GB. Read more.


How can I tell how much of my filestore I've used up?

If you are using Windows, open your U: drive in an Explorer window. Highlight all the files and folders, then right-click and select Properties. A Properties dialog appears and then counts up the amount of space used by your files. Alternatively, you can contact the helpdesk, and they will be able to tell you how much space you have used.


Will you send me a warning before the filestore fills up?

No. When you've filled up your filestore you'll find that you can no longer save or delete files. When this happens, contact the helpdesk. They will arrange to increase your filestore for a couple of weeks so that you can archive or delete files and bring your usage back within your allocation.


How do I connect to my personal filestore when on campus?

Using a standard staff or student desktop PC, select Start > All Programs > UEA Network Applications > Connect to UEA Filestore.


How can I connect to the central filestore from off campus?

Please see How to access your central filestore through the internet


What should I do if my U drive is not connected when using a PC in an IT Area or on a staff PC? 

Please follow these steps: Click on Start > All Programs > UEA Network Applications > Connect to UEA Filestore. Select Drive U. Select Share Type Central filestore and for Share name enter your IT Username.


How do I archive files off my personal filestore?

You can archive files which you want to keep onto any alternative storage media such as CD, data stick or your local hard disk. Remember that those files will then only be available from the media. If you want to be sure that you do not lose them, you should make another copy on different media, or perhaps consider increasing your personal filestore. Files which you do not need to use again should be deleted.


I've got a lot of free space on my PC's hard drive. Why shouldn't I use that?

The files on the hard drive on your PC are not automatically backed up, and therefore you may lose them if the machine or hard drive is lost. You also can only access the files on your hard drive when you are connected to that machine, and these may not be available when you are off site or working on another machine.


I've filled up my personal filestore. Can I get some more storage?

Yes, this is available for staff and PGR students, contact the IT Service Desk. UG and PGT students are not able to extend their personal filestore.


How much does extra personal storage cost?

£40.25 for 10GB extra per year. Full price list.