A Blog is a form of website on which users make entries online. Blogs are often used as personal diaries or journals and provide information or commentary on a particular subject

Each Blog entry you make can include any combination of text, images, links, multimedia, mashups, and attachments

Blogs can be set up for individuals, groups or for all members of a module. Whilst who can post Blog entries is dependent upon the type of Blog created, all members of the module will be able to view and add comments to a Blog

Watch a video tutorial on creating and editing Blog entries

Accessing a Blog

If your lecturer has created a Blog on your course, you will be able to access it directly from the course menu, from the Tools area or from a link within a Content Area

The Blog type is listed below the name of the Blog

Click on the title of the Blog to access it

The Blog screen is divided into two main sections, the main content frame and the side panel

The side panel provides information about the Blog. You can expand and collapse sections in the side panel using the down and right/left arrows

How to Create a Blog Entry

Only your instructor can create a blog, but after creation, you can create entries

Use the following steps to create a blog entry

  1. On the Blog's topic page, click Create Blog Entry on the action bar
  2. On the Create Blog Entry page, type a title and entry message
  3. Optionally, in the Blog Entry Files section, click Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer
  4. Click Post Entry or click Save Entry as Draft to save the entry for later posting

View Blog Drafts

If you saved a Blog entry to edit later, click View Drafts on the Blog topic page.

Click the title of the entry to edit and post

Comment on a Blog Entry

You can comment on one another's Blog entries, whether they belong to an individual, the course, or a group.

Your instructor determines if you can make anonymous comments and if you may delete Blog comments

On the Blog's topic page, view a Blog by clicking a user's name in the sidebar in the drop-down section.

The user's Blog entries open in the content frame.

Click Comment to add your thoughts

Edit or Delete a Blog Entry

Your instructor determines if you are allowed to edit or delete your Blog entries.

On the Blog's topic page, access the entry's contextual menu and click Edit or Delete

Note: deleting a Blog entry is final and irreversible