Useful information for when you want people to work through your PowerPoint presentation online and perhaps include other features such as a quiz at the end

This page explains how to save PowerPoint presentation slides as images then upload each image as a separate item into a Learning Module. A Learning Module is a set of content that includes a structured path for progressing through items

Create the Images from your Presentation

Select Save As from the file menu of your presentation and choose PNG format from the list

Then select Every Slide

Resize the resulting images for best display in Blackboard

Note: Always remember to upload your PowerPoint presentation file or a transcript as well, so that people can work offline and to enable greater access for visually impaired users

Create Your Learning Module

In the appropriate place in your module, click Build Content > Learning Module

Give the Learning Module a name and keep all the default settings

Click Submit

Content is added to the Learning module in the same way as Blackboard content areas

Add images to your Learning Module

Select Build Content > Image

Provide a name for your image – this will be used in the Learning Module table of contents and so it is a good idea to go with the title on the PowerPoint slide image

Click Browse My Computer to select the image file to upload

Change the Open in New Window option to No but otherwise keep the other default settings and click Submit

Repeat this step to build up the online session with all the relevant images

To view the Learning Module as a student or participant would see it, change Edit Mode to Off

Add a Blackboard Test

Select Assessments > Test

Either select a pre-existing test or create a new test to be used for this online session

In the Test options make sure the link to the test is Available, and consider how you would like to set the other options

Arrange the Content

Arrange the slides, tests or any other content into the right order within the editing view of the Learning Module and see the changes reflected on the table of contents

To move content, enter the Learning Module, click onto the item and drag and drop it to the appropriate place

Further Help

For more information on Learning Modules, resizing images or Blackboard Tests please get in touch with the Learning Technology Team via the IT Helpdesk