Information about taking part in a test or survey using Blackboard

Before You Take a Test or Survey

Close all other tabs/windows or programs

Take the test or survey in Internet Explorer or Firefox

Save your answers as you proceed. This will prevent the loss of any of your answers in the event of a technical malfunction

Do not click on any photos that may be present in the test questions, they will not enlarge. Blackboard will interpret this as an attempt to navigate away from the test and you may lose unsaved work or accidentally submit your exam

When finished be sure to click on the link for Save and Submit and not Save all Answers since only Save and Submit both saves your answers and properly completes the exam

When you click Save and Submit, Blackboard may prompt you that some answers are be incomplete – if so, click Cancel and check the indicated questions to be certain you entered an answer. Click Save Answer beside them to be sure that your answer is saved

How to Take a Test or Survey

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Navigate to the test or survey and click on the name

You may be asked to enter a password. Your instructor will provide this information

Any instructions regarding the test will be displayed

Click the Begin button to start the test (or survey)

Answer the questions

There are a range of different question types that could form part of your test or survey, these are listed below

If you save your answers as you proceed you will see the questions answered on the Question Completion Status

Click Save and Submit

You will be asked to confirm your assessment submission – click OK to submit the test (or survey)

You will receive a receipt screen confirming that you have completed the test (or survey)

Click OK to see your results

Types of Questions

Multiple choice: Select one answer by clicking the radio button to the left of the answer

Multiple answer: There will be one or more correct answers. Select answers by placing a tick in the boxes next to the answers

Either/Or: Statement has two pre-defined two-choice answers. Select radio button next to the correct answer

True /False: Answer is either true or false. Select radio button next to the correct answer

Ordering: Put several values in the correct order by using drop down menus

Fill in the blank: A variable is missing from a statement. Enter answer into a text box. The answers are not case sensitive but must be spelt correctly

Matching: Pair items in one column to items in another column using a drop down menu

Quiz bowl: The answer is presented. The question needs to be provided

Jumbled sentence: A sentence is presented with some parts of the sentence as variables. Select answer for each variable from a drop down list

Fill in multiple blanks: Numerous variables are missing from a statement. Answers are selected from drop down menus

Hot spot: Indicate an answer by marking a specific point on an image

Calculated formula: Question requires you to perform a calculation

Calculated numeric: Resembles a fill in the blank question, but answers are numeric

Opinion / Likert: Based on a rating scale. Indicate the answer that best represents your views

Essay: A statement or question is presented. A text box is provided for you to provide an answer

Short answer: A statement or question is presented. A text box is provided for you to provide an answer. The text box is limited to between 1 to 6 lines of text

File response: Attach a file to answer the question