How to change the order of modules in your MY MODULES list on Blackboard

Reordering the Modules List

Login to Blackboard Learn either via the UEA Portal or through the Blackboard Learn URL -

Once logged in you will see your modules listed under MY MODULES

Select the cog symbol displayed to the right of the MY MODULES heading (the cog may not appear until you hover over the title area)

To personalise your list

The Personalise: My Modules list is displayed

When you hover over a Module you will see a handle with an arrow pointing up and down

To move an item, click and hold down the left mouse button then drag the item up or down

Once you have finished reordering click Submit

NOTE: You can display the Module name and/or the Module ID on your MY MODULES list by ticking the relevant boxes on the Personalise: My Modules screen. If neither of the module Name and module ID boxes are ticked the module will not display in your MY MODULES list

Module menu item buttons have handles as well and can be reordered in the same way