Releasing Content Using Review Status

You can use review status criteria to release content based on a user's review of a specific content item

For example, you can create a criterion that makes Assignment 1 available only after students have marked Homework 1 as reviewed

You can add more criteria to a rule, in addition to review status criteria, to further narrow the availability of an item

You can apply review status to a learning module, but not to the individual files within a learning module

How to Add Review Status Criteria to a Rule

Use the following steps to add membership criteria to an advanced adaptive release rule. You add the same basic information when creating a basic adaptive release rule.

Access an item's contextual menu and click Adaptive Release: Advanced

On the Adaptive Release: Advanced page, click Create Rule in the action bar

On the Add Rule page, type a name for the rule and click Submit

On the action bar, click Review Status

On the Review Status page, click Browse to open the course map and select an item. Review status will be turned on for this item. Users must mark the item reviewed before the content is available.