Pools are groups of questions that can be included in tests and surveys. They are useful if you would like to reuse the same questions in multiple tests or surveys, and for creating randomised questions within tests or surveys.

Building a Pool

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Click Module Tools to expand the menu

Select Tests, Surveys and Pools

Select Pools then Build Pool

Enter a name for the pool, add a description and instructions if appropriate

Click Submit

To add questions you can create questions, upload questions or find questions in other tests, surveys or pools

Create questions

Select the appropriate question type form the drop down menu and create questions as you would in a test

Upload questions

Use this option to upload a specially formatted text file (prepared offline). Once uploaded, questions can be edited and used like questions created directly within Blackboard

Find questions

Use this option to reuse existing questions

Questions are organised by the Criteria listed on the page. Use the Criteria drop-down lists to search for questions to add to the Pool.

Questions that match the selected criteria will appear in the Criteria Summary window.

Select the check box next to relevant questions to add to the Pool. To select all questions select the check box at the top of the table

Click Submit to finish

Editing a Pool

Select Tests, Surveys and Pools

Select Pools

Click the Action Link (down arrow) next to the Pool name

Select Edit from the contextual menu

Add, delete, modify and change the points value for questions as appropriate