Guide to adding a new button to your module menu on Blackboard

Creating Menu Buttons

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES

The default module menu will contain two buttons – Announcements and Blackboard Help

To add a new menu button select the + button at the top left of the menu

To add an area in which to upload documents, select Create Content Area from the drop down list

Note: from this drop down list you can also select to add other types of menu buttons such as Tools, e.g. a Discussion Board or Contact details, or links to other areas of the module via the Module link, or to external web pages via the External link

Enter a name for the menu button and tick the Available to Users box and select Submit.

If you do not select the Available to Users box the menu button will not be visible to students and will appear on the menu with an icon next to it of a square with a diagonal line through. To make the menu button available, hover over the new button and click on the little drop down arrow and select Show Link. If you would like to hide a visible button from students, click on the drop down arrow and select Hide Link.

You can also add headers and sub dividers to the menu to arrange your menu into sections.

Menu buttons, headers and sub dividers can be moved by clicking and holding down the left mouse button on the handle to the left of the menu button and dragging it to its new position