On an individual Blog, only the owner of the Blog is able to post blog entries. All other users enrolled on the module are able to view and add comments. This page explains how to create an Individual Blog on Blackboard and make accessible to students

Adding a New Blog

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Select Module Tools from the Control Panel

Select Blogs then Create Blog

Enter a name for the Blog and add any instructions

Select Individual to All Students under Blog Participation, and leave other options to their default values

Click Submit

Making Your Blog Accessible

The make your Blog accessible to the students you can either add a button to the menu or add a link to a Content Area

To add a menu button

Select the + button at the top left of the module menu and select Tool Link

Enter a name for the menu button

Select Blogs from the Type drop down menu

Ensure the Available to Users box is ticked

Click Submit

To add the blog to an existing content area

Select Tools then Blogs

Select the Blog to be linked to

Click Submit