Groups can be set up on each module on Blackboard. Members of groups may have access to a range of tools that allow them to work together, unseen by anyone who is not a member of the group, except for any instructors

How to Access a Group

You access groups within your course in the following ways:

  1. Groups page link: the Groups page link appears on the course menu or in a content area. The Groups page lists all available groups and sign-up sheets for self-enroll groups
  2. My Groups panel: the My Groups panel appears following the course menu. It provides direct links to the group area for each group you belong to. You can expand the panel to reveal all the tools that are available for your group to use. If you are enrolled in a group, the panel appears automatically
  3. Group link: a group link is a link to a single group, sign-up sheet, or the Groups page made available in a course area

The Groups page shows the groups that are available to you. You may also be able to sign up to join a group, e.g. to choose which seminar group to join

My Groups

The My Groups area will show you which groups you have access to and the range of tools and resources available to you

Clicking on the arrow on the left will expand the group menu and allow quick access to the tools available to the group

Clicking on the arrow on the right will open your Groups area, showing you who else is in the group and allow access to the tools available to the group

You may also see a link to a group from within a content area.

Group Tools

There are a range of tools, such as blog, discussion board, journal and wiki, that your instructor may have made available to you, to allow you to collaborate with your other group members

File exchange area note: All members of the group can upload (and delete) files from this area. If a file has the same name as one already uploaded, it will delete and replace the original file. We recommended that files are uniquely named, for example include your name or student number in the filename.