Adding sound snippets throughout an assignment

Adding one audio feedback for the whole piece of work is not ideal, often it is better to add snippets of audio advice to different part of the work you are marking.

This can be done but you you can not use the editor in Blackboard directly.

You will need to download the document to your computer.

If saved as a pdf the pdf can be opened in Adobe reader and sound snippets added. This pdf can then be added into the feedback students are given. The student will need to open this in a pdf reader to hear these sound snippets.

If the document was in Word it can be saved as a pdf by choosing the Save As option in
Word (choosing pdf).

Download the item you wish to mark to your computer use the downward arrow button.

Save your file to a suitable folder in your computer.

Open the file with Adobe Reader XI.

Click on the comment button.

Click on the Record Audio button then click on the text you wish to add the audio comment to.

A box that allows you to record will appear.

Click on record red dot and then on OK when you are finished.

You will then see a window, click on the Sound icon. 

You will see your Sound icon attached to the document. If you click on the sound icon you will hear the sound.

You can add further sound snippets.

When you have finished adding your sound snippets, you will need to save your file to your computer.

This file would then be added to the feedback given to the student in Blackboard.