This page explains how to download results from a survey you have created in Blackboard

Responses to surveys are anonymous, but a check mark in the survey column against a student's name will indicate that they have taken the survey

How to Download Survey Results

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Select Grade Centre from the Control Panel

Select Full Grade Centre

Locate the column associated with the survey

Select the contextual menu (down arrow) at the top of the column

Select Download Results

Select the delimiter type for the download – accepting the default of Tab seems to work best

Choose the format required

Select the Click to download results button

Select to open the file or to save the file. If you receive a warning message from Excel when opening the file, click Yes

Survey results can also be viewed by question with a breakdown of percentages for each answer. Select Attempts Statistics from the contextual menu

If you wish to download just the final mark, select the Work Offline button and then select Download. You can choose to download the results to the Content Collection or to your computer.