How to upload a document on to Blackboard

Uploading a Document to Blackboard

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Select the content area from the menu

Hover over Build Content

Select Create > Item

Enter a name for the item and add in any text about the item as required

Attachments section

Select Browse My Computer

A pop up window will appear. Navigate to your file and select Open

Enter text in the Link Title

Update the options as appropriate, then click Submit

You can add more than one attachment to an item: simply click on Browse My Computer to locate additional files to upload. If you wish to link to content already uploaded to the Content Collection area of your module, click on Browse Content Collection to locate the file(s)

If you wish to replace an already uploaded attachment, remove the existing attachment by clicking Mark for removal and then attach the new version as per the process above

You can also use Build Content > File to upload a document. Unlike the Item function, no description will appear