You can customise your My Modules list, to display only the modules you wish to see, and in the way that you would prefer them to be displayed

Modules that you are enrolled upon, and which are set as available by an instructor, will be listed under MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

This will include modules from the current academic year, but may also include modules from previous academic years if your instructor has requested that these older modules be left accessible on Blackboard

Customising Your Modules List

Select the cog icon to the right of the MY MODULES heading (you need to hover over the MY MODULES area for the cog to appear)

You will be presented with the Personalise: My Modules screen

At the top you will see the TERMS section and the Group by Term option. Ticking this allows your modules to be grouped by term – this is especially helpful if you have a long list or similarly named modules in your list

On the left is a list of your modules. Along the top of the screen is a list of options you can apply to each module by placing a tick in the appropriate box

module Name Selecting this option will show the module name in your MY MODULES list

module ID Selecting this option will show the module code in your MY MODULES list

Please note: to hide a module from your My Modules list, ensure that both the module Name and module ID boxes are unticked

Selecting the Instructor, Announcements and Tasks options will show information regarding these options in your MY MODULES list

You are also able to re-order your list of modules by clicking on the handle next to a module and dragging the module up or down to reposition it

To confirm the changes made on the Personalise: My Modules screen click Submit