This page explains how to create a Discussion Board on Blackboard.

The Discussion Board allows users to post messages and reply to messages posted by others.

Discussion Boards can be accessed through links in content areas or can be placed on the Module menu.

Creating/Linking to a Discussion Board from the Module Menu

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Select the + button at the top left of the menu and select Tool Link

Enter a name for the menu button and select Discussion Board from the Type drop-down list

Tick the Available to Users box

Click Submit

Creating a Forum

Within discussion boards, instructors can create forums to discuss specific topics.

Select Discussion Board from the Module menu, then Create Forum

Enter a name for the Forum and a description

By default the Forum is set to be available. Set dates restrictions if applicable

Update Forum settings as appropriate

Click Submit

Creating/Linking to a Discussion Board from a Content Area

You can link to a discussion board, or create a new discussion board, from within any content area by selecting Tools and selecting Discussion Board from the drop down menu

More information on Blackboard Discussions can be found on the Blackboard Help pages here.