Notes on how to upload and assignment to Blackboard

Assignment Uploading

Select the relevant module from MY MODULES in Blackboard Learn

Navigate to the appropriate content area, e.g. Assignments

Click on the Assignment Link for the Assignment you are uploading

The Upload Assignment screen will appear

Click the Browse My Computer button to select a file stored locally to attach to the submission

Add Comments if required

Please ensure that you do not have any spaces or special characters
(e.g. !”£$%^&*()[]{}’;:@#~|\<>/?) in the filename you are uploading

Select the Submit button to submit your assignment OR choose the Save as Draft button to stop working and continue later

Important: Only click the Submit button once. Double clicking the Submit button or clicking the back button during the transfer may lead to your file being corrupted

The Review Submission History screen will appear. The date and time of the submission is shown on this screen

Note: If you are submitting an assignment from home the speed at which it will upload will be slower than on campus

Note: The procedures for uploading a group assignment are the same as uploading an individual assignment, but only one member of the group needs to submit. Ensure you liaise with all members of the group and agree who should be responsible for submitting the work