Create sound file on computer

Using a microphone with your computer

If you have a microphone such as a headset you can connect this to your computer. If you do not have access to a microphone you may wish to consider other methods such as using the built in sound recording features of a tablet or mobile phone.

Using Audacity

Audacity is a powerful sound recorder and editor. It is slightly more complicated to use but allows you save your files in .mp3 format directly. Due to Licencing limitations you need to add the part to save as .mp3 separately. Fortunately the copy you can obtain from the UEA Application Catalogue does make this easier.

If you do not have Audacity installed already you can do this from the UEA Application Catalogue.

If you are not sure where this is search for Application Catalogue from the Windows Start button.

From here you can install Audacity.

Audacity in the application catalogue gives some details on how to add the mp3 functionality.

To use them you must go to the Edit Menu | Preferences and select Libraries.

Click on the Button for the Library you wish to use and point towards the “C:\Program Files (x86)\ Audacity\Plug-ins” folder.

To record with Audacity you would click on the round red button.

You will see your sound being recorded, when you are finished click on the yellow square.

Can save your file with File > Export Audio.

Save this as an .mp3 file. Click the Save button.

More information about Audacity can be found here.

Create a video file

How to access your assignment

There will be a link on the module menu called ‘Summative Assessment’, select this link to access the submission point for the Assignment.  In this area you will also find some short videos on uploading assignments and viewing your feedback.

Click on the assignment link.

How to upload your Video

On the Upload Assignment page you use the Write Submission button to upload and embed your video. Note additionally you can use the Browse My Computer button to upload any files you may also wish to add.

Click on Write Submission.

A text area will appear on the page, ensure that all the toolbars are visible (1). 

Click on Planet eStream Item to begin uploading your video (2).

On the next screen select add & embed media, and click OK to the message that instructs you to click search after uploading your media.

You will then see this message.

Click OK.

Then click on the browse button and select your video.

Add a title for the presentation.

Under set your options, change public to private and click on manage categories to choose the appropriate category (please ensure you set the video to private or it will be viewable by other users).

Click on the upload file button.

A message will appear to let you know that you file has been uploaded and will be available soon.

You will receive a second message reminding you to click to the Search button to locate the uploaded item. Click OK.



Click Search before clicking anywhere else on the screen and then click Select next to your video.

You will be return to the original upload assignment page and should be able to now see that you have added both the video and a file if you have attached one.



Continue to add any additional files that you would like to submit, my repeatedly selecting Browse my Computer. If you would like to return to add more files later choose Save As Draft. If you have already attached all of your files, choose Submit.

To continue to attach files to an assignment saved as draft, select the submission point and then choose Continue. When you are happy with the edited submission choose OK to submit the work.

Create sound file on mobile device

Using a tablet or mobile phone

Smart phones or tablets have built in applications or Apps that you can download that allow you to record your voice.

How this would be done is similar across devices such as Apple iOS, android or Windows Phone.

To illustrate how this is done the iPad is used as an example but links below will allow you to find out more about your device if you do not have a Sound Recorder already installed.

Go to your app store for your device, you will find that many free Sound Recorders are available.

You will need to get the sound file that you create onto your computer so that you can add this to the Blackboard Assignment. This can be done by emailing this to yourself or other method such as using OneDrive. Nearly all sound recorders allow you to email this to yourself but if you wish to use OneDrive you will have to choose your sound recorder more carefully.

How this is done will be illustrated using an iPad.

Example One

Download the App that you like the look of most. In this case the one that looks like a Tape Recorder seems the best reviewed. Note if you wish to save to One Drive at UEA use a different sound recorder such as the Rev sound recorder in example 2. 

In this example you press the REC Button shown.

You press the STOP button when you are finished.

To save the file click on the SAVE AS button.

There are lots of options on how you might save this the simplest method is to send this to your email.

You would then be able to save the attached .mp3 file to your computer and then add this to the Blackboard Assignment. 

Other methods are available to you such as adding to Google Drive and this is likely to be easier if you have a lot of files to save. Note the Save to OneDrive option does not work with the Enterprise version used at UEA.

Example 2 (Rev allows you to upload to OneDrive at UEA)

This uses the Rev app which is free.

Click on the red button to start your recording.

When you have finished your recording click Save.

You will be asked to give the file a name.

You now need to Save this file you will need the Open in… option.

Select OneDrive.

Select Upload to OneDrive.

You file will then be available in OneDrive.

Further information for different phones