As a member of staff at the university you may need to have access to a departmental shared drive. This allows you to save work to a shared networked location that your colleagues can also access. This is useful for when multiple people need to access and work on the same document rather than having multiple copies.


Access a shared drive on campus

When you start at UEA you may already have access to a shared drive by default but you may need to connect it to your profile first.

  1. In the Start menu scroll down to UEA Network Applications then select Connect to UEA Filestore.
  2. From the Drive dropdown select the letter for the drive. It doesn’t matter what letter you choose. Then from the Share Type dropdown select the name of your departmental share drive.
  3. Select Reconnect at logon and if you want you can select Create a shortcut to add a shortcut to your desktop.
  4. If you have the relevant permissions you should receive the following success message:
  5. You will now be able to access your departmental filestore from your Windows Explorer.
  6. If you receive the Network Error message you will need to request authorised access. Some shared filestores and files within filestores require permission from an authorised signatory for your department. Contact the IT Service Desk who will be able to give further advice.