If a file or folder has been accidentally deleted, modified or lost within your Central Filestore or a Shared Network Drive (Departmental Share) these items can be recovered for up to 7 days. UEA takes regular 'snapshots' of all drives and keeps a copy of the contents for a 7 day period.

Recover Files

Open the location where you believe the item was last seen. I.e. Go to your Central Filestore folders or your Departmental Drive folders. For the purposes of this example we are using a folder name 'Example 1' inside the 'Documents' location (Central File Store). This folder contains two example documents. 

If we were to navigate to this folder again and find one of the documents missing (in this case the document 'Example Doc 2') we may wish to restore the file to the original location. Be sure to check before making a restoration that the file hasnt been accidently dragged/moved into a nearby folder. 

Right-Click on the empty space within the window and select 'Properties'.

Select the 'Previous Versions' tab. Displayed on this tab will be all of the snapshots which have been taken from the specific folder you are in. It is important to navigate to the correct folder where you believe the item was last saved. If you do not know where the item was last saved you can navigate to the top of the folder structure to see the snapshots from the entire drive (i.e. My Documents > Right-Click > Properties).

Locate a snapshot folder at a date when you believe the item was last seen.

Use the 'Open' button to look within the selected folder. Notice that the address in the folder path shows that you are viewing a snapshot folder. If the file/folder you wish to recover is not present then please select an earlier snapshot. 

If the item you are looking for is present within the folder there are two ways to restore the file. 

Recover using Copy/Paste (Safest)

You can choose to copy (Right-Click > Copy) the item back out to the main drive/folder using the paste command (Right-Click > Paste). You can also choose to paste the item to a new location. 

Restore using 'Restore' command

You can use the 'Restore' button to recover the entire contents of a folder. Be cautious. If looking at a high-level folder (e.g. My Documents or the top of a Departmental Drive) and you choose to 'Restore' the entire folder, you will overwrite all changes that have been made since this last snapshot. Only use the 'Restore' function if you wish to restore a low-level folder along with all of its contents or if you are sure you wish to restore an entire folder to its previous state, losing any changes made since the snapshot date.

Navigate back to the 'Previous Versions' tab. Select the folder that you know to contain the missing or altered file and click the 'Restore' button. Remember, this will restore all changes/modifications contained within the selected folder.