Guidance for e:Vision role group managers Guidance for e:Vision role group managers

E:Vision role group managers are able to add and remove colleagues from the role group(s) they manage.  They can also add and remove other role group managers.

Data Protection

  • A role group manager is responsible for ensuring that role group membership is kept up to date, particularly with regard to removing users who have left the team or no longer require access to student information to carry out their role in the team.
  • Before adding users to a role group, it is important to check that they have completed data protection training.  If not, they must complete the training prior to being added to the role group.
  • If you are no longer a role group manager but remain at UEA please ask the next manager to remove your name.  If required, you could be re-added as a standard role group member or removed completely. 


Add and remove users from e:Vision role groups