Mandatory Software Mandatory Software


In order to meet the compliance requirements set out within GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), Unisys Stealth is being implemented across the University to protect SITS (DEV, TEST and Live) and will be mandatory for all SITS Client users from the 30th October 2018.

If you do not have Unisys Stealth running on your local machine from this date, the SITS Client will not open and you will be blocked from connecting to the server. Not all UEA workstations have Unisys Stealth installed, so to see if your machine has it running look for the blue Stealth “Shield” Icon in your Taskbar.



If the Stealth icon is visible but a different colour you will need to restart your machine and check your network connection before you can open SITS as Unisys Stealth needs to be fully running in the background at all times.

Please note: It is not possible to open SITS offsite, with a connection to Eduroam or by VPN. You must have a physical network connection onsite.

If you cannot see the icon then you will need to install Unisys Stealth from the Software Center; before you begin please make sure your workstation:

  • Is running off Windows 10 (If your workstation does not have Windows 10 installed you will need to upgrade it before you can use the SITS Client).
  • Is physically plugged into the UEA network (you cannot install or run the software off site; your machine needs to be physically on site and either docked to a docking station or plugged into an Ethernet port).
  • Is not located in a Lab, Meeting Room or Lecture Theatre (Unisys Stealth can only be installed on Staff workstations therefore SITS will now only work on Staff workstations).
  • You are currently authorised to use SITS - Unisys Stealth will only become available once the SITS User Access Form has been processed and the applicant is notified.

 If you have met all these criteria you can install Unisys Stealth through the Software Center (formerly Application Catalogue). This can be found by searching on your Workstations Start Menu and then searching for Unisys Stealth the application is displayed as below.



If you have any issues with the Software Center, more information can be found on the Portal ( or you can contact the UEA IT Service Desk for additional guidance.

Once Unisys Stealth has successfully installed, its status will change in the Software Center to “Installed” as shown below:



You will now be able to open the SITS Client from this specific workstation- be aware that if you change workstations for any reason you will need to install Unisys Stealth on that workstation before the SITS client can run.






I have opened the Software Center but cannot find the Unisys Stealth application.

Please check your inbox to confirm that your access to SITS has been granted, as the application does not appear in the Software Center until after we have notified you. If you can see the SITS shortcut on your machine, then make sure you are also physically plugged into the UEA network and not through the internet.


I have installed the Unisys Stealth application but SITS still does not open.

Check that the Unisys Stealth “Shield” Icon is displayed in the taskbar and that it is “blue” as this will show if the application is running properly. If the “Shield” Icon is greyed out or a different colour then restart your machine and check you are physically plugged into the UEA’s network and your machine is not connecting through the internet.


I am working away from my desk, can I use SITS if I am on Eduroam or connect to the UEA Network by VPN?

It is no longer possible to access the SITS client offsite or onsite through Eduroam or VPN. The Client can only be opened when Unisys Stealth is running which requires a physical network connection to the network.


I have installed Unisys Stealth and using a machine plugged into the UEA Network but it is still not working.

Unisys Stealth and SITS will only work on Staff Workstations, so please make sure you are not using a Workstation which is located either in a Teaching Lab, Meeting Room or a Lecture Theatre as these machine will all be classed as “Student” machines.


My SITS access has expired; if I renew it will I need to re-install Unisys Stealth?

Yes you will. Unisys Stealth is only available to members of staff who have access to SITS so if your access expires Unisys Stealth will automatically uninstall from your machine.


Can I still use SITS if I am on a Windows 7 Machine?

Unisys Stealth is not compatible with older versions of Windows; if you are using an older device it will need to be upgraded to Windows 10. Please contact the IT Service Desk to arrange for your local IT Technician arrange this.