Details of fields which hold personal data, and should not be used in reports without authorisation from the CIS Data Protection Manager (currently Jonathan Richardson) are held in this dimension. 

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
member_sk integer This uniquely identifies the member record. Based upon member_sk in Dim_Member.  No business meaning.
religion  varchar  Member's religion  Uses DW_Religion lookup.  Based upon s ins_stu.stu_rlgc 
first_name  varchar  Member's first name  Based upon stu_fnm1.
surname  varchar  Member's surname  Based upon stu_surn 
short_name  varchar  Short version of member's name  Based upon stu_srt.n 
home_postcode_std  varchar  Member's home postcode, if UK-based.  Based upon stu_hapc.  Additional standardization on field, to format postcode & remove non-uk ones. 
current_postcode_std  varchar  Member's current postcode, if UK-based  Based upon stu_capc.  Additional standardization as above.
email_address_internal  varchar  Member's UEA email address  Based upon stu_inem. 
date_of_birth  date  Member's date of birth  Based upon stu_dob. 
bursary_student varchar Whether student has had a bursary If student has a record on Fact_Bursary with a household income band <> 'Not Eligible' then 'YES' else 'NO'.