This holds details of the modules which the students take.  The records are taken from the SITS Module Availability (MAV) and Module Availability Maintenance 2 (MAVT) tables.

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
module_sk integer This uniquely identifies the module record.  It has no business meaning, and shouldn't be used in reporting. The value increments each time a record is entered into the table.
source_system varchar  'SITS'  
module_src varchar  The Module Code cam_mav.mod_code 
module_occurrence_src varchar Modules can run more than once in a year.  This distinguishes the different times a module is run. cam_mav.mav_occur
module_academic_year_src varchar The academic year the module runs, eg '2013/4'. cam_mav.ayr_code 
module_period/ _src  varchar  The time period the module runs.  Note: this is similar to occurrence, but used in Board Reports. cam_mav.psl_code 
module_name varchar Full name of the module. cam_mavt.mav_name 
module_assessment_pattern varchar Code which links modules to the assessments associated with the module. cam_mav.map_code 
module_credit integer  Number of credits gained by passing the module.  cam_mavt.mav_cred.  0 if not populated. 
module_location_src varchar  Where the module takes place.  Vast majority of records are 'CAMPUS' cam_mav.lca_code 
module_target_student_number integer Target number of students on the module. cam_mav.mav_trgt 
module_level/ _src varchar

Module level, and associated code.  This is based upon Scheme info in SITS, not level.

Undergraduate - 'UG', 'Postgraduate' - 'PG', 'Special Course' - 'SC'

module_stage/ _src varchar  Module stage, and associated code.  See Stage shared dimension.
module_dept/ code varchar  Full name/ code of department running the module See DW_Dept in Warehouse Lookups 
module_faculty/ code varchar Full name/ code of faculty the dept is in. See DW_Faculty in Warehouse Lookups
module_mark_scheme varchar How the module is marked.  cam_mav.mks_code 
module_lecturer_short_name varchar Initials and surname of the lecturer See Lecturer shred dimension. 
 module_years_run integer  How many years the module has run. Number of academic years with the same module_src value.
module_delivery_point varchar As name mav_udfa
module_actual_student_number integer As name mav_actl
module_pass_fail varchar Indicates if module is pass/ fail module 'YES' if module_mark_scheme in 'MDPF', 'MN00DP', 'MN00PF', 'MPF', 'OSCE'
module_academic_year_start_date date As name  
module_students_reassessing   As name Derived field, calculated in USP_Load_Derived_Dim_Fields procedure.  'YES' if any assessment attempt taken is > 1.
module_timetabled_events varchar As name mav_udfi