The Lecturer dimension holds details of the academic staff stored in SITS.  It is based upon fields in the PRS form. 

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
lecturer_sk  integer 

Internal unique key for identifying an event.

Has no business meaning. 

Autoincrementing number
source_system  varchar  System the records come from  'SITS' at present 
lecturer_id_src varchar  Code for identifying the lecturer on the source system  ins_prs.prs_code 
lecturer_title varchar   Lecturer's title. ins_prs.prs_ttlc 
lecturer_short_name varchar Short name  ins_prs.prs_snam
lecturer_faculty_src  varchar Code for lecturer's faculty  ins_prs.prs_facc
lecturer_faculty varchar Description of lecturer's faculty  See DW_Faculty in Warehouse Lookups 
lecturer_dept_src  varchar  Code for lecturer's department. ins_prs.prs_dptc 
 lecturer_dept  varchar  Description of lecturer's department  See DW_Dept in Warehouse Lookups 
lecturer_email_address  varchar  Lecturer's internal email address.  ins_prs.prs_emad 
current_lecturer  varchar  Flag to indicate if a lecturer is currently at the UEA.  ins_prs.prs_iuse