Feeder School (Dim_Feeder School) Feeder School (Dim_Feeder School)

This holds details of the schools and sixth-form colleges the students and applicants attend prior to applying for the UEA.  It is called feeder school to distinguish it from the schools (aka Departments) within the UEA.  It is based on the School (SCL) table.  This SITS table also holds agencies, which are not included.

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
feeder_school_sk integer This uniquely identifies the course record. The value increments each time a record is entered into the table.
source_system varchar Where the records come from (SITS)  
feeder_school_src varchar The unique code for the school  
feeder_school_name varchar The school name  
feeder_school_post_code varchar Postcode, to allow analysis of where the applicants/ students attend school.  
feeder_school_type varchar The type of school (eg Comprehensive School, Grammar School).  
feeder_school_type_group varchar A grouping of the school types.  
feeder_school_size_banding varchar Banding indicating the size of the school  
five_gcse_a_to_c percent/ banding decimal/ varchar The banding and percentage level of five gcse a to c results.  
best_8_gcse_perf_score /banding decimal/ varchar Best 8 GCSE scores, plus banding.  

qca_points_per_qual_avg/ banding

decimal/ varchar QCA points average per qualification, plus banding  
qca_points_per_student_avg/ banding decimal/ varchar QCA points average per student, plus banding  
free_school_meal_percent/ banding decimal/ varchar Percentage of children entitled to free school meals, plus banding  
educ_maint_allow_percent/ banding decimal/ varchar Percentage of children on Educational Maintenance Allowance, plus banding.  
feeder_school_establishment/ code varchar   See DW_Feeder_School_Establishment in Warehouse Lookup Tables.
feeder_school_country/ code varachr Country code which feeder school/ organisation is in. Uses scl_cobc as basis.  See Dim_Country for values