Fee Profile (Dim_Fee_Profile) Fee Profile (Dim_Fee_Profile)

This holds details of the applicant/ student's fee profile.

The fee profile source code is taken from the fst_fsgc and sce_fstc columns concatenated together.

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
fee_profile_sk integer This uniquely identifies the assessment record.  It has no business meaning, and shouldn't be used in reporting. The value increments each time a record is entered into the table.
fee_profile varchar Description of the fee profile, based upon an applied rule.

Based upon fee profile code, as specified above.  Subsequent rules overwrite previous ones:

1st char 'H' - 'Home'

1st char 'O' -'International'

First few chars 'OOV' or 'OO-V' - 'Overseas Visitor'

First few chars 'OO-EXC' - 'Overseas Exchange'.

First char 'E' - 'EU'

First few chars 'EE-VIS' - 'EU Visitor'.

First few chars 'EE-EXC' - 'EU Exchange'

First chars 'HS' - 'Staff'.

First char 'C' - 'Fee Waived'.

First char 'Z' - 'Fee To Be Resolved'.

fee_profile_group varchar Higher level grouping of fee profile, combining Home & EU. Based upon fee profile.
fee_profile_group_2 varchar Additional higher level grouping splitting out Home & EU  
fee_profile_category/ code varchar Higher level grouping, above fee_profile_group_2