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The Event dimension holds details of the events stored in SITS.  It is based upon fields in the EVE form. 

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
event_sk  integer 

Internal unique key for identifying an event.

Has no business meaning. 

 Autoincrementing number
source_system  varchar  System the records come from  'SITS' at present 
event_src  varchar  Code for identifying the event on the source system  cam_eve.eve_code 
module_sk  integer  Enables linking to Dim_Module for module information. Has no business meaning. 
event_academic_year_src  varchar Holds academic year event runs in. cam_eve.ayr_code
event_period_src  varchar  Code for time in the year when the event runs.  cam_eve.psl_code 
event_group_src  varchar  Group linked to the event (TBD) cam_eve.eve_sidn.  Note: Does not use actual 'group' field.  
event_activity_src  varchar  How the event is taught.  cam_eve.act_code 
event_title_src  varchar  Name of the event  cam_eve.eve_titl 
class_size  integer  Number of students in the event  cam_eve.eve_csiz 
class_size_combined integer Number of students in the individual event if not combined & combined event if it is. sum(class_size) for event_combined_code_src
dept_src  varchar  Department code linked to the event  see DW_Dept lookup table 
module_type_src  varchar  Code for type of module. cam_eve.eve_motc 
event_created_date  date  Date event was created  cam_eve.eve_cred 
event_updated_date  date  Latest update date  cam_eve.eve_updd 
event_ctt_code_src  varchar  Common Teaching code.  This is populated when one lecture/ other event is shared between modules.  cam_eve.eve_cttc 
event_cte_seq_num_src  varchar  Common teaching event sequence number cam_eve.eve_ctes
event_type  varchar  Type of event.  For example booking, course, module, unavailability  see DW_Event_Type in Warehouse Lookups 
event_combined_code_src varchar Holds event_ctt_code_src where populated, otherwise event_src. Enables reporting of an event at a co-taught level where appropriate, or an individual level if not co-taught
event_booker_src varchar cam_brh.brh_prsc, for the event.  Links to record in PRS. Staff reference code.
event_booker_sk integer lecturer_sk on Dim_Lecturer for booker source value above Enables link to Dim_Lecturer for details of staff member who made the event booking.
event_num_rooms smallint cam_eve.eve_nrom Number of rooms specified for event