Various details about countries are stored.  The dimension is based upon 2 underlying tables - DW_Interfaces.dbo.DW_Country & DW_Interfaces.dbo.C_Country_Context.

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
country_sk integer Internal primary key, no business meaning Manually entered
country char Country, based upon descriptions used in SITS for domiciles &nationality Manually entered
country_2_char_code char Country code, based upon standard ISO value Manually entered
commonwealth char N if country not a member, Y if it is. Based upon value in context table, data supplied by BIU
continent char Continent the country is in As for commonwealth
english_speaking char Y/ N as applicable As for commonwealth
european_union char Y/ N as applicable As for commonwealth
tableau_country char Name of country, as recognised by Tableau, to enable reporting using maps of the world. As for commonwealth
recruitment_target_area char As per name