This holds details of the class of the award obtained, and also the grade linked to a module mark. 

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
award_class_sk integer This uniquely identifies the class of award record. The value increments each time a record is entered into the table.
award_class_code varchar A short representation of the award/ grade, such as I, D, II(1).  
award_class varchar Description of the award, such as CLASS I, DISTINCTION.  
award_rank varchar Orders the grades based on their relative ranking.   
good_honours varchar

'YES' if a good honours, eg CLASS I, CLASS II, DIV 1). 

'NO' if not,  eg CLASS III, CLASS II, DIV 2.

assessment_action varchar Indicates if action may be required, linked to the boards. 'YES' for most, bar formative assessment-based classes & null.