Shared Dimensions Shared Dimensions

To Do

 Add details about protected member characteristics. 


The dimensions are used across a range of different Data Marts are specified here.  Reusing the same dimensions enables consistency between the Data Marts, and enables records from the different areas to be combined if required for reporting.

There are also other columns suffixed _sk on the Dimensions.  These are purely for Data Warehouse internal use, and should not be used in reporting. 

Technical Info

The shared dimensions are populated using the below procedures/ scripts.


Dimension Load Type Load Info
Dim_Age Static  
Dim_Module_Assessment Dynamic

Load to DW: USP_Load_Dim_Module_Assessment

Load to Staging: USP_Load_Module_Assessment_Staging_Table_From_SITS

Dim_Award_Class Static  
Dim_Award_Qualification Dynamic

Load To DW: USP_Load_Dim_Award_Qualification

Load To Staging: USP_Load_Award_Qualification_Staging_Table_From_SITS

Dim_Course Dynamic

Load To DW: USP_Load_Dim_Course

Load To Staging: USP_Load_Course_Staging_Table_From_SITS

Dim_Date Dynamic

Load To DW: USP_Load_Dim_Date.

Note: Not run as part of batch

Dim_Event Dynamic

Load To DW: USP_Load_Dim_Event

Load To Staging: USP_Load_Event_Staging_Table_From_SITS

Dim_Feeder_School Dynamic

Load To DW: USP_Load_Dim_Event


Note: Not run as part of batch


Dim_Lecturer Dynamic

Load To DW: USP_Load_Dim_Lecturer

Staging: USP_Load_Lecturer_Staging_Table_From_SITS

Dim_Member Dynamic

DW: USP_Load_Dim_Member

Staging: USP_Load_Member_Staging_Table_From_SITS


Note: Student info mostly via ..SITS.  Staff info from ..SPOT.

Dim_Member_Status Static  
Dim_Mode_Of_Attendance Static  
Dim_Module Dynamic

DW: USP_Load_Dim_Module

Staging: USP_Load_Module_Staging_Table_From_SITS

Dim_Personal Dynamic Uses fields in Dim_Member.  No separate load
Dim_Postcode Static  
Dim_Stage Static  
Dim_Time Static  
Dim_Library_Item Dynamic

DW: USP_Load_Dim_Library_Item_Base

Staging: USP_Load_Library_Item_Staging_Table_From_Aleph