Setup Guide for Data Warehouse Setup Guide for Data Warehouse


This document contains initial details about how to set up access to the UEA Corporate Data Warehouse, and a brief guide to some terms used.

How To Set Up Access To The Cubes

Using Excel

On the 'Data' Tab:

Choose 'From Other Sources' then 'From Analysis Services'.

In the 'Server Name' box enter either UEAREPORTS01 for live, or UEAREPORTS02 for test.

Choose 'Windows Authentication'

Select the database required from the drop-down menu.  This will only be shown if you have access to more than one.

Select the Cube required.  If you expect to use more than 1 cube from the database untick the 'Connect To a Specific Cube or Table' box.

Choose 'Finish'.

The cubes use normal Excel Pivot Table functionality.  Search on 'Pivot Table' in Excel for assistance in using this.

When subsequently accessing the cube choose 'Existing Connections', instead of 'From Other Sources'.  This should have details of the cube/ database you have set up above.

Setting Up Direct Access To The Data Warehouse Tables

In some instances the cubes will not contain the data required to produce the required reports.  In these instances the reports can be generated directly from the Warehouse.

Direct access to the warehouse is limited to a few key users.  Approval will be required from the Director of Corporate Information Systems (Jonathan Richardson) and/ or the Director of Planning (Ian Callaghan).

The Cubes Available

For details of the cubes available see the 'Cubes' section of the documentation. Details about the individual cubes are held under this.

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions are ways of contextualising the numbers, such as numbers of students on a particular course or average marks obtained in each academic year.

They provide different perspectives on the numbers held.

The most important dimensions, which are 'shared' across the cubes are 'Member', 'Course' and 'Date'.  Please refer to the 'Shared Dimensions' documentation for details about these and other dimensions prior to using the cube for reporting.


Please contact Garrick Fincham/ Leon Doughty of the Business Intelligence Unit for further details.