JACS (Joint Academic Coding System) is a method of classifying courses, enabling comparison across institutions.  This is used as the basis for the Times and other league tables. On SITS the PWY (Pathway) form has details of the links between the course route code and the JACS code.  There can be up to 3 JACS codes associated with one course.  The output needs to apportion each students marks and attendance based upon the proportion of each course mapped to each JACS code.


The output from the HESA web-site has been downloaded, supplied by the BUI, and incorporated into warehouse tables. 

The DW.dbo.JACS_Course_Mapping view can be linked to any of the Fact Tables, via course_sk, to enable JACS and/ or League Table-based analysis.

If subsequent reports regularly require the same combinations of tables/ views then additional views can be created to simplify their creation.

Tables and Views Used

View Name Purpose

Main view, used to map associate a particular course (using course_sk for linking to Dim_Course)

with the corresponding JACS Codes and Times, Guardian and Telegraph categories.

Also holds proportion of the course to be allocated to each JACS Code.

DW_Interfaces.dbo.JACS_Principle_Subject Table holding lower level JACS categories and associated JACS Subject Area 
DW_Interfaces.dbo.JACS_Subject_Area Table holding JACS high-level categories.
DW_Interfaces.dbo.League_Table_Label Table holding categories used by each League Table.

Table linking the 4 character JACS Codes to Principle Subjects and each League Table category in