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The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) are the central source for the collection and dissemination of statistics about publicly funded UK higher education.

The UEA sends files to and receives files from HESA.  The UEA data is held on SITS. This provides a parallel view of the data, which is useful for enabling comparisons between our internal view of the data and the external perspective.  Items, such as tariff, can be compared between the two systems and discrepancies investigated and fixed. 

Design Notes

The HESA data is loaded from SITS using a linked server in the same manner as the rest of the warehouse.  Equivalent tables to those on SITS have been created in the DW_Interfaces database.  Because of the large number of columns, the reduced level of transformations required, and the expectation that there will only 1 source of the data views of this data have been made available directly using these tables, instead of having an intermediate table to carry out the transformations prior to loading onto the warehouse.

The view names are based upon the descriptive name in SITS (For example HCD is called HESA_Core_Data).  The column names are based upon a combination of the HESA column name and the SITS descriptive name, to enable straightforward linking between the two.

HESA Views

The HESA views in DW are as follows:

View Source SITS Table(Form) Notes
HESA_Core_Data Srs_Hcd (HCD)  
HESA_Cost_Centre_Data Srs_Hod (HOD)  
HESA_DW_Tariff_Comparision Various

This links the tariff records from HCD with the equivalents on Fact_Application to enable differences to be flagged up and investigated.

HESA_Entry_Profile Srs_Hen (HEN)  
HESA_Instance Srs_Hin (HIN)  
HESA_Qual_On_Entry Srs_Hqe (HQE)  
HESA_Qualification_Awarded Srs_Hqa (HQA)  
HESA_RAE_Data Srs_Hra (HRA)  
HESA_Student Srs_Hst(HST)  
HESA_Subject_Data Srs_Hsd(HSD)