Cube_Student Cube_Student


Cube_Student holds information about current and previous students.  It is used for student number reporting.

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube Notes
Member Student   
Course  Student Course   
Stage Student Stage   
Member Status  Student Status   
Fee Profile  Student Fee Profile   
Date  Student Accepted Regs Date  The date the student accepted UEA regulations. 
Feeder School  Student Feeder School   
Postcode  Student Postcode  Home postcode for the student.
Mode of Attendance  Student Mode Of Attendance   
Personal  Student Personal

Contains the following columns: 

Email Address Internal, First Name, Surname, Short Name, Religion 


Cube-Specific Dimensions

Student Starter Returner

See Student_Starter_Returner under Warehouse Views for details.

Student Reason For Transfer

Indicates why the student transferred off the course, where applicable.

Student Census Reportable

Based on Census_Reportable in Fact_Member_Over_Time.  Indicates whether a student should be included in the census, or not. 

Student Other

Various other fields not given their own dimension.

Column Names Meaning
Census Reportable

Indicates whether the student should be reported as part of the census for that academic year. 

'YES' to include.  ** NOTE: Duplicated - Use Student Census Reportable instead **

Academic Year Src The academic year being considered. 
Accepted Regs  'YES' if the student has accepted regulations, 'NO' if not. 



The measures used are retrieved from the underlying Fact table Fact_Member_Over_Time.  These include:

Cube Measures Group Cube Field Derivation Description 
  Student_Count Number of distinct students, based upon member_sk