Cube_Snapshot_Application Cube_Snapshot_Application


Cube_Snapshot_Application is based upon a subset of information from Cube_Application.  It displays records from DW.dbo.Snapshot_Application, which is populated as part of the weekly DWC batch.  It enables the state of records at a particular point in time to be analysed.  All dimension values are

Shared Dimension Dimension Name Notes
Course Application Course At time of snapshot
Date Application Course Start Date At time of snapshot

Application Date

Current value (shouldn't ever change)
Date Application Date Adjusted Current value (shouldn't ever change)
Date Application Snapshot Date Date the snapshot was run.
Stage Application Entry Stage Current value (shouldn't ever change)
Member Application Applicant Current values
Member Status Application Status When the snapshot took place
Country Application Domicile Current value (shouldn't ever change)


Cube-Specific Dimensions

Application Decision Response

See Cube_Application for details.  The value is the one at the time of the snapshot.

Application Other

See Cube_Application for most field info.

In addition, 'Latest Snapshot Acad Year' is 'YES' if the record is the latest one for the academic week being considered.  If there are 2 records for the application in same academic week, one in '2016/7' & one in '2015/6' then the '2016/7' will be set to 'YES' and the '2015/6' set to 'NO'.  If there is just one record for the academic week then it is set to 'YES'



See Cube_Application for details of measures.