Cube_National_Student_Survey Cube_National_Student_Survey


The National Student Survey (NSS) cube holds records holds records loaded from a range of institutions, indicating levels of student satisfaction.

It is based upon the DW.dbo.NSS_Results view.

Note: Entry Id is an internal warehouse identifier for the record.  There are over 1 million different values.  It should not be displayed used for reporting.

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are held in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube Notes


Cube-Specific Dimensions

NSS Institution

This specifies details about the institutions in the NSS.

Column  Derivation
Institution Standardized institution name, based upon DW_Interfaces.dbo.NSS_Institution_Lkp table
Institution Country Country where institution is located, based upon DW_Interfaces.dbo.Institution_Context table.
Institution_Type   Type (HEI or FEC)  based upon DW_Interfaces.dbo.Institution_Context table
Learning Provider Number  Unique number for institution, based upon DW_Interfaces.dbo.NSS_Institution_Lkp table.   
English Mainstream  Based upon DW_Interfaces.dbo.Institution_Context table
Russell Group  As above 
Group 1994  As above 
Guardian Above UEA  As above 
Times Above UEA  As above 


NSS Subject

Holds subject-related info. 

Column  Description
Subject Standard subject name, based upon values in subject spreadsheet column.
Mode  Full Time or Part Time 
Level  'All', 'First Degree' or 'Undergraduate' 
Year  Year when survey was taken 


NSS Other

Column  Description
Data Type Indicates basis for measures values (Eg %Agree).
Filename File from where data came from.  Useful when resolving issues. 
Load Date  Date/ Time the file was loaded. 


Measures are as below.  The measures held are 'sums' as opposed to averages.  This was requested by Rebecca Price, who has responsibility for NSS-based reporting.  This was because of concerns about 'averages of averages' being misused in subsequent reporting.

Cube Measure Group Cube Field Description Derivation
NSS Results Various fields starting Q1-Q23    
Academic Support, Assessment and Feed Back, Average of 22 Questions, Average of 7 Themes, Learning Resources, Organisation and Management, Personal Development, The Teaching On My Course  Marks for specific questions on NSS Survey.  Sum of field with same name in NSS_Results view 
Nonempty Count Count of fields with something in them Should be same as 'NSS Results Count' if rows loaded correctly 
NSS Results Count Count of records  Count if empty & non-empty records. 

Times Teaching Quality, Times Student Experience,

Times Average

Times-specific metrics.