Cube_Module Cube_Module


The Module cube details on the marks and grades students get on each of their modules.  In addition for Board Reporting purposes it holds stage marks.  These are accurate for individual students.  For higher level calculations Cube_Stage should be used instead.

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube  Notes
Module Module Also uses module_statistics view, for additional statistics required for board reports.
Award Class Module Award Confirmed Class 

Fields renamed as follows:

Award_Class to Award_Confirmed_Class,

Award_Class_Code  to Award_Confirmed_Class_Code,

Award_Rank to Award_Confirmed_Rank

Good_Honours to Award_Confirmed_Good_Honours

Module Award Provisional Class 

Fields renamed as follows:

Award_Class to Award_Provisional_Class,

Award_Class_Code  to Award_Provisional_Class_Code,

Award_Rank to Award_Provisional_Rank

Good_Honours to Award_Provisional_Good_Honours

Module Confirmed Grade 

Fields renamed as follows:

Award_Class to Confirmed_Module_Grade

Award_Class_Code to Confirmed_Module_Grade_Code 

Module Provisional Grade

Fields renamed as follows:

Award_Class to Provisional_Module_Grade

Award_Class_Code to Provisional_Module_Grade_Code 

Award Qualification   Module Award Confirmed Qualification

Fields renamed as follows:

Award_Qualification to Award_confirmed_qualification

Hesa_Qualification_Level_Code to Confirmed_Hesa_Qualification_Level_Code                          Award_Qualification_Source to Award_Confirmed_Qualification_Source

Hesa_Qualification_Level_Desc to Confirmed_Hesa_Qualification_Level_Desc

Module Award Provisional Qualification  As for Module Award Confirmed Qualification, but with Provisional instead of Confirmed. 
Course Module Course  
Member Module Student  
Stage Module Student Stage  
Personal Module Personal

Contains the following columns: 

Email Address Internal, First Name, Surname, Short Name 


Cube-Specific Dimensions 

Module Selection Status

See Dim_Module_Selection_Status in Warehouse Lookup tables for details.

Module Student with Open Reassessment

See cube_assessment 'Assessment Student with Open Reassessment' for details.

Module Assessment Process Status

See Dim_Assessment_Process_Status in Warehouse Lookup tables for details.

Module Other

This holds columns stored on the Fact Table used for analysis and reporting purposes. 

Column Name Data Type Description/ Derivation
Award Academic Year  varchar  Based upon ayr_code field on SAW.
Module Credit or Result  varchar  Derived based upon source table used.
Provisional Progression Code  varchar  Based upon spi_pitc on SPI.  
Confirmed Progression Code varchar Based upon spi_pit1 on SPI.
Stage Credits  integer  Derived based upon the number of credits for the module.  Will be counted when there is a record in SMR or SMC for the module. 
Award Calculation Method varchar Based upon saw_acmc on SAW.
Confirmed Mark Flag varchar If confirmed_mark_std is null then 'NO' else 'YES'


Cube Field Description/ Derivation 
Avg_Module_Confirmed_Mark Based upon Fact_Module_Result.confirmed_mark_std.  Uses smr_agrm and smc_mark.
Avg_Module_Provisional_Mark Based upon Fact_Module_Result.provisional_mark_std.  Uses smr_actm and smc_mark. 
Avg_Stage_Confirmed_Mark Uses Fact_Stage.stage_average_confirmed_mark 
Avg_Stage_Credits  Uses Fact_Stage.stage_credits 
Avg_Stage_Progression_Mark  Uses Fact_Stage.stage_average_progression_mark 
Avg_Stage_Provisional_Mark  Uses Fact_Stage.stage_average_provisional_mark 
Module_Confirmed_Mark_Count  Sum of Fact_Module_Result.confirmed_mark_std records which are populated.
Module_Provisional_Mark_Count As for  Module_Confirmed_Mark_Count, but using provisional_mark_std.