Cube_Library_Loan Cube_Library_Loan


This cube holds details about the library loans.

Shared Dimensions 

Shared Dimension Name in Cube Notes
Dim_Library_Item Loan Item


The dimension has been split up into other dimensions on the cube, for ease of use. 
Dim_Time Loan Hour Include Library Core Time
Dim_Date Loan Date  
Dim_Member Loan Member  


Cube Specific Dimensions

Loan Other

This holds additional columns used for analysis and reporting purposes. 

Column Name Data Type Description Derivation
Loan Current varchar Indicates whether loan is a current loan 'YES' if taken from z36 table, 'NO' if data from z36h.



Measure Name  Derivation
Item Count Number of items in selection
Latest Loan Date Latest loan date in selection
Latest Loan Return Date Latest date which a loaned item has been returned
Loan Count Number of loans
Loan Renewal Total Total number of renewed loans.