Cube_Careers_Activity Cube_Careers_Activity


Cube_Careers_Activity holds details of careers-based activities performed by students and graduates. 

The information is taken from CareerHub, the main system used by the Careers Service.

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are held in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube Notes
Student Activity Student This holds details of the student based upon the course they were on at the time of the activity.

Activity Booking Date

Activity Start Date

These are the dates when the activity was booked, if applicable, and the date the activity took place (or started in case the activity spans multiple days)

Course Activity Course The course the student was on at the time of the activity
Fee Profile Activity Fee Profile This holds details of the students' fee profiles, at the time of the activity. (Eg Home/ EU/ International)
Stage Activity Stage The stage the student was at, when the activity took place.
Member Status 1. Activity Student Status / 2. Activity Student Acad Year Status

1. The status of the student when the activity took place. Uses the student's end date to establish if they were a graduate.

2. The latest status of the student in the academic year.  Enables matching of student numbers with cube_student 


Cube-Specific Dimensions 


This holds details about the activity taking place

Field Description Derivation
Activity Category High level categorisation of activity - includes  'APPOINTMENT', 'EVENT', 'JOB VIEW' and 'RESOURCE VIEW' Various - based upon source table within CareerHub
Activity Sub Category Categories further sub-divided  Complex and changing - see output for current basis.


Activity End Datetime Src
End date/ time

Appointment - Appointments.EndDate

Event - Events.EndDate

See Activity Start Datetime Src for additional info.

Activity Id Src Unique source identifier for activity Entities.Id
Activity Location  


(Appts only)

Activity Location Src Code for location


(Appts only)

Activity Name  

Derived based upon types of activity - eg. Organisation View holds Organisation Name, whereas Form Views hold the form name.


Activity Organisation   Job View & Organisation View - Organisations.Name
Activity Staff Member   Appointment - Administrators.Name
Activity Start Datetime Src Start date/ time

Appointment - Appointments.StartDate

Event - Events.StartDate

Note: Fact_Careers_Student_Activity also holds start & end date.  This uses the fields above for appts & events & various other fields for online/ booking activities.

Activity Sub Category   Derived based upon types of activities


Activity Other

This holds a range of unrelated fields, as held on the fact table

Field Description Derivation
job_seeker_id_src Identifier for person on CareerHub  
engagement_academic_year Academic year to assess engagement levels on See view code for details.
engagement_academic_year_flag 'YES' or 'NO' based upon whether student enaged during the acad year.  
appointment in acad year Indicates if student attended an appointment in the academic year.student 'YES' if attended an appt, 'NO' if not.
event in acad year As for appt, but for events. As for appt, but for events.
online activity in acad year As for appt, but for online activity As for appt, but for online activity
census reportable Indicates whether the student would be included on the UEA census. 'YES' if they would, 'NO' if they wouldn't.


Activity Status

This holds information about whether or not the student attended.


See Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.


Activity Student Engagement

This holds information about the students' level of engagement with the Careers Service.  It uses the Careers_Student_Engagement view.



Cube Measures Group Cube Field Description Derivation 
Student Activity Activity Count Number of activity records.  
Student Activity Latest Activity Start Date Latest Date an activity has started.  
Student Student Count Number of Students Distinct count of member_sk