Cube_Award Cube_Award

Cube_Award holds holds details on:

  1. The qualifications students obtained.
  2. The grades students achieved
  3. The courses the students were taking
  4. When these were obtained

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are held in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube Notes
Member Award Member  
Course Award Course  
Award Class Award Class This details the class of award obtained by the student.  It is referred to as Dim_Award_Class in the Data Warehouse.
Date  Award Conferment Date 

This is the date the award was conferred on the student.  Note: This can be significantly after the student's exams are over for some students.

To group together students finishing in the same academic year use 'Course Acad Award Year' on the Member Dimension instead.

Date   Award Pass List Date  When the pass list for the award was published.
Award Qualification  Award Qualification  This indicates the award the student obtained, such as a Bachelor of Arts or a Master of Science.
Personal  Award Personal

Contains the following fields: 

Email Address Internal, First Name, Surname, Short Name 

Feeder School Award Feeder School Details about the school the student attended before coming to UEA
Postcode Award Postcode Details about the students' home postcode 


The shared dimensions Member and Course are available within the cube, as Award Member and Award Course.  ** Consider Change to Award Student **

Cube-Specific Dimensions 

Award Tariff

This specifies details of the tariff marks for the student.  It is based upon the Applicant_Tariff view.

Award Status

This specifies whether the award has been confirmed, or is still provisional.  It is referred to as Dim_Award_Status in the Data Warehouse.

Award Status Value Description
CONFIRMED Board process is complete, and grade is agreed.
RECOMMENDED Intermediate values prior to grade being agreed.


Cube Field Description/ Derivation
Avg_Award_Mark Average award mark.
Award Mark Count Number of Award Marks
Fact Award Count  Number of Award records. 
Student_Count_Anonymised Count of students if >= 5, if not then null