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Cube_Attendance holds information about students' attendance at lecture, seminars and other group activities.

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube Notes
Member Attendance Student  
Course Attendance Course  
Event Attendance Event  
Module Attendance Module  
Time Attendance Start Time  
Date Attendance Event Date  
Personal Attendance Personal Short Name field

Cube-Specific Dimensions

Attendance Absence Reason

This indicates the reason for the absence.

Attendance Other

These are additional fields for reporting in Fact_Student_Attendance

Field Name Description
Absence Approved Src Whether the absence was approved.  Field absence_approved_src
Consecutive Absences Number of consecutive absences.  Field consecutive_absences
Attendance Status Field attendance_status


The measures used are retrieved from the underlying view Fact_Student_Attendance.  These include

Cube Measures Group Cube Field Derivation Description
Student Attendance Event Duration The total length in hours of the events (lectures/ seminars)  
  Student Events The total number of events for the students.  
  Max Consecutive Absences  Maximum number of consecutive absences.  Only includes events where a register was taken.  Requested for Tier 4 students.
  Student Events Attended  Student Events where the absence reason is 'No Register' or 'Present'   
  Student Events Absent Student Events - Student Events Attended  
  Events Attended Percent  Student Events Attended * 100/ Student Events   
Students  Student Number  The number of students linked to the events.