Cube_Application Cube_Application


Cube_Application holds information about applicants and their applications, as required by Admissions and other teams for their reporting and monitoring. 

Shared Dimensions

Dimensions in the cube based upon Shared Dimensions are as below.  Details of these columns are in the Shared Dimensions section.

Shared Dimension Name Name in Cube Notes


Personal Application Personal Short name used to assist staff in identifying applicant.

Member Status




Age Application Age This holds details of the applicant at the course start date

Feeder School

Feeder School




Entry Stage

Indicates the stage the applicant is applying for.  For example some UG applications might be transferring from another Uni, so that the Stage for a first degree wouldn't always be 1.

Course start date

The date the course was expected to start.
Date Application Date Adjusted

For example an application in May 2012 for a course starting in Sep 2013 will be given an adjusted date of 1st October 2012.

Applications after 1st October 2012 will remain the same.

Date Application Date Applied The actual date the person applied for the course.  This is the same as 'Application Date Adjusted' apart from applications made in the previous Admissions Year.
Country Application Domicile  

Cube-Specific Dimensions

Application Agent

See Dim_Application_Agent in Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.

Application Category

See Dim_Application_Category in Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.

Application Clearing Student

See Dim_Clearing_Student in Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.

Application Core Margin

See Dim_Application_Core_Margin in Warehouse Lookup Tables for more info.

Application Decision Response

The SITS code for Decision and subsequent responses.   

Application Decision column Meaning
Application Final Decision Application Decision Response Codes ending 'UF' have a value of 'UF', others are categorised 'Non UF' 
Decision Response Reportable Application Decision Response Codes containing 'R' or 'D' have a value 'NO', others are 'YES' ** EXPLAIN WHY  **


Application Entry Path

See Dim_Application_Entry_Route in Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.

Application Highest Entry Qualification

The applicant's highest level qualification.  This is taken purely from the STU record. 

Note: Member holds the 'best' highest entry qualification, based upon a combination of the STU and SCJ records.  This is available within Cube_Student.

See Dim_Highest_Entry_Qualification in Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.

Application Other 

Various fields taken from the underlying fact table, combined into a single location. 

Application Other Column Meaning
Application Id Src Unique identifier for source record - Source is concatenated cap_stuc + cap_apfs + cap_seqn
Lead Time Lead time value for the record.  Allows distribution of records to be shown, for operational reports.  
Response Time  Response time for the record.  As above. 
Accomm Guarantee Status Src Source is cap_udfg
Application Gathered Field Src Source is cap_udf6
Application Hobsons Id Source is cap_udfb
Application Metrics Subject Name Based upon lookup using application_ucas_Jacs_code to DW_Interfaces.dbo.Metrics_Subject_UCAS_Code_Lkp
Application Offer Code Source is cap_olbc
Application Process Stage Src Source is cap_udfi
Application Scholarship Src Source is cap_udfa
Application Seq Num APFS Src Source is cap_apfs
Application Seq Num Cap Src Source is cap_seqn
Application UCAS Jacs Code Source is cap_ucrs
Into Application Route Src Source is cap_udf8
UCAS Admissions Cycle Source is cap_cycl
Application Unconditional Offer Lookup on SRS_Olb.  If olb_name contains 'unconditional' or ('extended project qual' and olb_code starts with 'AU') then 'YES'

Application Qualification Status

See Dim_Application_Qual_Status in Warehouse Lookup Tables for details.

Application Tariff

A combination of whether the application is 'ztariff04 countable' and the tariff band of the applicant.  

This is derived based upon the Tariff_Countable_Application view and the ztariff04_countable field on Fact_Application. 

Application UCAS Adjustment

See Dim_UCAS_Adjustment in Warehouse Lookup Tables. 


The measures used are retrieved from the underlying Fact table Fact_Application.  These include

Field Description/ Derivation
Application Count

Number of records in Fact_Application for the dimension values shown.


Application_Count_Anonymised As for application count, but set to null when under 5
Avg_Num_A_Levels_Inc_Gen_Stud Average Number of A level subjects passed, based upon hesa subject code, including general studies and critical thinking.
Num A Levels Inc Gen Stud Count Number of records making up average above.
Avg_Num_A_Levels_Exc_Gen_Stud As above, but excluding general studies and critical thinking
Num A Levels Excl Gen Stud Count Number of records making up average above.

Average UCAS Tariff score for best 3 A Levels. 

Excludes general studies and critical thinking

Best 3 A Levels Tariff Count Number of records making up average above.

Average Tariff Total for all A Levels, based upon Ztariff04 criteria.

Note: Use Avg_Ztariff04_Tariff for most calculations. 


The Sum of the ZTariff04 scores.  This is used as part of a calculation to indicate the expected

tariff dependent upon the level of applicants accepted.  As a Sum it has little use of its own.

Applicant_Count Number of distinct applicants for the dimension values shown.
Applicant_Count_Anonymised As for Applicant Count, but set to null when less than 5.
Avg_Lead_Time Average lead time
Avg_Response_Time Average response time
Num A Levels Inc Gen Stud Count  

Technical Notes

 The underlying fact table is Fact_Application.