Services available to visitors

Please note: Usernames and passwords are required, and should be issued by your conference manager or UEA contact. The IT Service Desk cannot issue these to you if you are a conference delegate.

You can:

  • Use the computing facilities in the Library
  • Use the special systems (scanners, CD-Rom writer)
  • Unfortunately, you cannot access printing facilities


Connecting computing devices to the University network

Requirements to connect to the network 

  • UEA Username and Password (which will be provided by your conference manager or UEA contact) 
  • Wireless Card / Device
  • The latest Microsoft Critical Patches 
  • An up to date Anti-Virus Software 

IMPORTANT: It is a condition of our Terms and Conditions that your PC has Anti-Virus software installed before it can be connected to our network. The IT Service Desk located in the Library does not provide support for either installation or operational problems encountered with any Anti-Virus software or operating system security patches. Please consult with either your home institution's IT support, or your relevant supplier/manufacturer for assistance

How to connect to the network

There are two ways you can connect your personal computer to the network:

  • Via the UEA Wireless Network called eduroam
  • Via the Visitor Wireless Network called The Cloud

Wireless Networking 

UEA Wireless Network is available everywhere within academic and halls of residence buildings. Users can register to use the wireless service via the same registration process explained above by going to a wireless area and following on the on-screen instructions as before.

Visitor Wireless Network (The Cloud)

Note that there is also a Visitor Wireless Network for those without a UEA username and password. This is provided free of change and is simple to set up and use. Select "_The Cloud" in your WiFi settings, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that the Cloud is not a University service. Users of the service are subject to Sky’s own terms and conditions and not the University Conditions of Computer Use. We recommend that potential users review The Cloud’s Privacy Notice, which explains how Sky will gather and use your personal information throughout your use of the service. While acceptance of these policies is a condition of registration, users should note their right to opt out of marketing communications from Sky and/or its affiliates.