Services available to visitors

Please note: Usernames and passwords are required, and should be issued by your conference manager or UEA contact. The IT Service Desk cannot issue these to you if you are a conference delegate.

You can:

  • Use the computing facilities in the Library
  • Use the special systems (scanners, CD-Rom writer)
  • Use the coin operated photocopier
  • Unfortunately, you cannot access printing facilities


Connecting computing devices to the University network

Requirements to connect to the network 

  • UEA Username and Password (which will be provided by your conference manager or UEA contact) 
  • Ethernet/Wireless Card 
  • Network Cable with RJ45 Adaptors
  • The latest Microsoft Critical Patches 
  • An up to date Anti-Virus Software 

IMPORTANT: It is a condition of our Terms and Conditions that your PC has Anti-Virus software installed before it can be connected to our network. The IT Service Desk located in the Library does not provide support for either installation or operational problems encountered with any Anti-Virus software or operating system security patches. Please consult with either your home institution's IT support, or your relevant supplier/manufacturer for assistance

How to connect to the network

There are three ways you can connect your personal computer to the network:

  • From your Student Residence – using the UEA wired connection (Ethernet)
  • Via the UEA Wireless Network called eduroam
  • Via the Visitor Wireless Network called The Cloud

Accessing via wired connection

To register your PC with a network cable, you will first need to obtain a UEA Username and Password from your UEA contact. 

Plug in your network cable to the data port: (if you have a black VoIP handset in the room, then connect to the socket at back of the telephone marked 'PC'. Ensure the telephone power supply is connected and switched on)

Network registration 

Open your internet browser. The University of East Anglia Network Registration page should display automatically. If not, type the address into the address bar.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t changed your default password, you will be unable to log into the registration system.

  • Go to the SPOT website.This will bring you to the Identity Management System (IMS) web page, which allows you to change your password online
  • Once you have changed your password, select “Log on and register now >>>>” (on the bottom of the page)
  • Enter your username and changed password
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Step 1: Your Details

  • In the boxes provided, insert your Forename, Surname ,School (e.g. BIO), Room number and Hall of Residence
  • If you are a non-resident, in Room number type Library or Conference location.
  • Under 'Is this a Wireless Connection?' select No

Step 2: Registration Complete

  • Once you have successfully registered you should close your browser and wait 10 – 15 minutes 
  • You may need to restart your computer, but this is not usually necessary

If an error message is displayed on the completion page then visit the IT Service Desk with this error message and they will help with the problem.

University Data Network Wireless Registration 

Users can register to use the University wireless service in addition to any wired connection already registered. You will need to complete the registration process a second time ensuring that you are connected through the wireless signal and not through a cable connection.

  • In Step 1: Your Details Insert in the boxes provided your Forename, Surname , School (e.g. BIO)
  • If you are a non-resident: In ‘Room number’ insert your location.
  • Under 'Is this a Wireless Connection?' select Yes
  • Continue to following the on screen instructions

Wireless Networking 

UEA Wireless Network is available everywhere within academic and halls of residence buildings. Users can register to use the wireless service via the same registration process explained above by going to a wireless area and following on the on-screen instructions as before.

Visitor Wireless Network (The Cloud)

Note that there is also a Visitor Wireless Network for those without a UEA username and password. This is provided free of change and is simple to set up and use. More information can be found here.