Telephone conference calls are handled using the facilities of a specialist provider. UEA staff members wishing to arrange a conference call simply need to supply contact details to the participants of the call in advance. At the agreed time, all participants then dial into the call and enter a PIN to begin their conference. Participants can use an 020 number (picking up their own normal call charges from their network provider) or an 0800 number (free to them, but slightly more expensive for the Host of the conference). Conference call participants using mobile phones should be advised to use the 020 number, as charges from mobile network providers to 0800 numbers tend to be very high. There are no restrictions on the time of day conference calls can take place in, or of the number of people able to participate in a conference.

Account holders are given unique PINs for providing to people they wish to invite to their conference calls. These are re-usable, so once an account has been set up for you, control of your conference calls is entirely under your control. To be set up as an account holder, please contact James Alborough in ITCS. We will need to know whether invoices for use of the service should be emailed to you, or who else in your School, Faculty or Department will be responsible for paying them.

Alternatively, for urgently arranged one-off conference calls, contact the switchboard operators by dialling 0 or 01603 456161 if dialling externally, or by email at with the details of the date and time of the call, and who will be responsible for payment. A booking can then be made, with contact details sent to you for passing on to your conference participants.