Telephone Directory

Contact details for all staff are listed within the staff directory.


Switchboard service charter

This charter sets out the six key goals of the Switchboard Service, against which we will measure ourselves. 

Timely Service We will ensure our service is available during normal working hours. We will deal with calls to the switchboard promptly, aiming to answer them all within 20 seconds. We will aim to satisfy authorised requests for new or changed telephony facilities within one working day.

Prompt and accurate action We will transfer calls to relevant parties as promptly and accurately as possible; when there is no answer we will seek alternatives. If it is not possible to transfer a call we will advise callers of their options. 

Effective Communication We will ensure that your communications with the switchboard operators are clear and free of jargon or specialised abbreviations.

Effective Outcomes We aim to provide a high quality service and so will assist callers to the Switchboard to have a good resolution to their requests. Requests for new or changed telephony facilities will be handled in line with established procedures. 

Compliant Service We will ensure that the service we provide will be compliant with the University's policies and procedures.

Professional Approach We will act in a professional manner in all our dealings with you: we will be courteous, helpful and ever-mindful of the need for absolute discretion. We will constantly extend our knowledge about the University for the benefit of our callers.



Messenger+ is an intelligent messaging solution that works with your telephone system. It enables you to:

  • listen to your voicemails
  • delete, save, and copy voicemails
  • listen to details of a voicemail
  • record a personalised voicemail greeting
  • record a temporary voicemail greeting (like an Outlook out of office message)

We have a getting started guide that you can use to familiarise yourself with the system.