This page explains how to change your password and is intended for Staff and Students using the Staff or Student UEA Desktop and/or UEA Network services, including the Portal, PC Network Registration and Webmail. 


Set Security Information

All staff and students should set their Security Information. This allows you to reset your password by yourself, whenever you need to.


Change Your Password

All staff and students with a University email address can change their password using a UEA computer or online.

  • On UEA Windows computers press CTRL, ALT, DEL and select ‘Change a password’.
  • Visit, login and follow the ‘Change Password’ steps.
  • If you have not setup your verification information you will need to phone the IT Service Desk who can reset your password manually after verifying your identity.


Reset Forgotten Password

You can reset your password online if you have already completed the Set Security Information steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your UEA username.
  3. Confirm Site Verification image is correct.
  4. Answer Security Information questions.
  5. Change your password. 


Choosing a good password

All new Staff and Students registered for IT Services are provided with a UEA username and password.

This password must be changed before you can use your account for the first time.

Passwords must also be changed at least every 12 months to improve password security. If you have not done so, you will be prompted to change it if you are logging onto a UEA networked PC.

Password criteria
• Use a minimum of 8 characters in length, preferably more
• MUST include an UPPERCASE: capital/large letter i.e.: ABC
• MUST include a lowercase, small letter i.e.: abc
• MUST include a number


Don’t use

• Any of your last five passwords
• Your own names
• Your date of birth
• Your UEA username


Tips to make a strong password

• Make it lengthy
• Use words and phrases that are easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. The National Cyber Security Centre suggest creating a password by picking three unrelated words, for example: branch-otter-paperclip
• Please don't share your password with anyone else, no matter how much you trust them
lways keep your


Password Security

Always keep your password secure.