When you begin studying or working at the UEA an IT account will be created for you. This page contains further information about your IT account.



Login Details

Your IT account consists of a username and password. Using this username and password you can login to any computer at UEA (barring local restrictions) be it a Windows, Mac OSX or Linux machine. See our Password page for futher information.

Usernames typically consist of three letters followed by the last two digits of the year you started your studies, followed by a further three letters, e.g. abc17xyz@uea.ac.uk.

If you enter your username or password incorrectly three times or more you will be locked out of your account for about 30 minutes after which it will be automatically unlocked and you can try again. If you need to access your account sooner than the 30 minutes you can contact the IT Service Desk who will be able to unlock your account after verifying your identity.

All students and other persons authorised to use UEA computing facilities must abide by the Conditions of Computer Use. These are necessary in order to ensure that the University complies with relevant legislation and the Joint Academic Network (JANET) Acceptable Use Policy, and also to protect users themselves.



Account / Data Security

Keeping your IT account and data secure is essential. One of the best defenses is to ensure your have Anti-Virus systems installed on your computers. Good examples of this is the built in Windows Defender on Microsoft machines, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, Norton and Symantec. Many Anti-Virus suppliers offer free trials of their products. Also check out Malwarebytes and Ad-Aware for protection against malware.

Be vigilant of your devices. Keep them with you at all times and enable password and location features when Available (e.g. Find My iPhone).



What happens to your account when you leave UEA?

When your course comes to an end you will lose access to the majority of IT Services at the UEA. Access to e:Vision, Blackboard and the Library will end as well as the ability to connect to eduroam. You will still have access to your UEA email account for 45 days after your course end date. After the 45 days grace period your email account will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to access your emails. If you require your emails after your leave UEA you can save them as a .pst (archive) folder which you can then add to your personal email account.

If you still require access to your UEA IT account (for resits etc.) you will need to contact your School Hub to discuss your requirements.

More information can be found on our Leaving UEA page.



If you need to change your details


If you believe the details we have are incorrect please email HR at hr@uea.ac.uk or visit the self-service portal at myview.uea.ac.uk. Using MyView you can view and change your personal details, emergency contacts and bank details. You can also view your online payslips.


To amend your personal details you will need to speak to your school hub who will be able to amend your records.