MS Office

MS Office 365

General Guides #

  • Why Office 365: guide describing the benefits and features of Office 365.
  • How to Access Office 365: Shows you how to access Office 365 whilst on campus or from home. 
  • Download Free Software: Students can download and install MS Office for free on up to five devices. Other software and apps are available for students and staff to install such as Lync and OneDrive. 
  • Disabled Features: Although we have enabled Office 365 we have not as yet moved all email accounts into Office 365. This guide will describe those features that will not work until your email has moved.

Using OneDrive #

Using Lync (Currently being rebranded as Skype for Business) #

  • Setup an Online Meeting: this guide will show you how to have a meeting online and to use the built in tools of Lync for performing a presentation or collaborating on notes.
  • YouTube Video - What is Lync

Getting Started #

Lync Presence, IM and Contacts #

Have a meeting online #

Quotas, Security and Policies #

Frequently Asked Questions #

A series of questions and answers can be found here

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