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Scroll down for information on our Steak Night!

Opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 7:00pm until 9:30pm


PIZZAS                all pizzas approx. 12”

 P1. Margarita (V)                         £3.50

(Classic tomato base with mozzarella and cheddar cheese)

P2. BBQ Chicken  (H)                 £4.50

(Onion, green pepper, chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce base)

P3. Mediterranean Veggie (V)    £4.00

(Mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and onion)

P4. Pepperoni                              £4.50

(Tomato, onion, pepperoni and cheese)

P5. Spicy Special                         £5.00

(Pepperoni, Cajun spiced chicken, peppers and onion)



 B1. Classic Beef Burger (H)              £3.00

(Classic beef burger with salad in a toasted bun)

B2. Twisted BBQ Burger (H)         £3.50

(Beef burger in a toasted bun with BBQ sauce, tomato, rocket and coleslaw)

B3. Chicken Fillet Burger (H)        £3.50

(Marinated chicken fillet in a toasted bun with salad, gherkins, mayo and sweet chilli sauce)

B4. Veggie Burger (V)                                £3.00

(Vegetarian burger served with garlic mayo and salad in a toasted bun)

B5. BBQ Chicken Sub (H)              £4.00

(BBQ Chicken served in a sub roll with fresh lettuce, cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions)

Cheese and Bacon can be added at 50p each

Sauces available include garlic mayo and sweet chilli.

Please ask a member of staff for allergen advice.



S1. Spicy Chicken Wings   (H)  £3.50

Fried Chicken wings

S2. Chicken/ Veggie Wrap (H)       £4.00

Fresh Chicken fillet wrapped in a

floured tortilla with salad and garlic mayo

S3. Chicken Nuggets (H)               £3.00

6 Breaded chicken nuggets per portion

                                                (WITH CHIPS)                      £3.50



Chips                                               £1.50

Cheesy Chips                                 £2.00

Potato Wedges                               £2.00

Onion Rings                                              £1.00

Salad                                               £2.00

Garlic Bread                                   £2.00

All subject to availability.

Steak Night Steak Night

Friday Night is Steak Night!!


Come and try our popular Steak and Bistro Night every Friday from 8pm until 9:00pm.




Choose your steak (Fillet, Rib-Eye or Sirloin), tell us how you would like it cooked, sit back and we will do the rest.

All steaks are served with: Fries, Grilled Mushroom and Roasted Vine Tomatoes.

£9.50 per person or £15 for a Fillet Steak.

Add a Steak sauce for £1.50 choose from:

Peppercorn or Mushroom

Other menu options are available please ask our chef or pick up a menu.

All subject to availability.